White water rafting



Rafting is One of The best Attractions of Dandeli. It is Rated the Second Best Rafting in India After Hrishikesh. This White Water Rafting is Done in A strech of 9 kms At Kali River With Rapids

White Water Rafting is an adventure sport in which you use an inflatable raft and paddle it to navigate down a river. Because it is done in a river with rough flow of water, or “white water”; it is also called white water rafting. Dandeli, located less than 500 kilometers from Bangalore is a great destination for people who want to try some adventure activities. In Dandeli, you can engage in trekking, camping, mountain biking etc. And in the winters when the river Kali is full, you can also enjoy river rafting in Dandeli. Dandeli river rafting can be classified as class 2 or class 3 rafting, which is not very challenging for beginners, and fun for experienced people. You can enjoy Dandeli River rafting from the months of November to June, as by October the water level of the river is pretty high and the moves with a rapid and bouncy stream.

Need to know

For river rafting in Dandeli, you are initially taken upstream through the Dandeli forest in a jeep. Then, you are given safety precautions to be followed during the rafting procedure. You are then asked to take the precautionary measures including wearing a helmet and a life jacket. You are then seated on a rubberized inflatable raft, which is launched into the river rapids.

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